3 DOT技术的优势DOT Advantage

• 比任何一种曝氧形式要传输更多的溶解氧Delivers more dissolved oxygen than any other form of aeration.

• 当今世界上最高效氧气传输技术Has the highest oxygen transfer efficiency available today.

• 乳液状的溶解氧是非常稳定的,所以不会象一般的气体一样上浮跑掉 Dissolved oxygen “emulsion” is stable resulting in minimal losses to natural off gassing.

• 只需要象其它曝气设备一小部分的能量。比如一个100吨/天流量的废水处理厂,DOT溶解氧系统一年所节省的操作费用可以抵消购置此台设备的费用。Utilizes a fraction of the energy required by other technologies. For example, the saved money during one year operation can be used to buy another same equipment for a 18GPM flow rate.

• 低的成本和低的运行费用使它成为一个较理想的技术Low capital costs and low operating costs make this technology ideal.

例如,一个设计容量为82吨/天,运行时间为70%的此系统,它的操作费用(电费和氧气费用)如下表所示: For example, a system of design capacity of 15 gpm (82 ton/day) and operation time of 70%, the operation cost is showed below:


每小时 Per Hour

每天 Per Day

每月 Per Month

单位费用Unit Price

废水水量 Flow Rate

3.42 To n吨

82 Ton 吨

2460 Ton 吨


电消耗 Elect Estimate

1.57 Kw千瓦

37.69 Kw千瓦

1140.40 Kw千瓦

$0.107/Kw.Hr 美元/千瓦.小时

氧气消耗 O2 Estimate

6.47 #

155.37 #

4700.04 #


总运行电费 T. Cost of power





总运行氧气费 T. Cost of O2





上表是基于氧气必须购买,如果使用制氧机,就省下了大部分的费用,电费变得可忽略不计了。O2 costs based on gas purchase, use of generator may provide overall savings传

• 统活性污泥废水处理的曝氧系统所消耗的能量是整个废水处理系统消的能量的45%到60%,所以节省曝氧系统的能量对整个系统的能量节约有非常重要的意义。 Aeration systems for conventional wastewater activated sludge plants typically account for 45 to 60% of a treatment facility’s total energy use.

• 我们来看一下传统曝氧系统的能量消耗.Let us check the following figure for the energy consumption of the converntional aerator.

• 从上图可看出,传统曝氧系统为使水中的溶解氧达到 8 mg/L时所消耗的能量直线上升,且9mg/L 已达到它的极限,深层微泡传播器也只能达到12 mg/L的极限值,因为空气中只有20%的氧气,且引入的空气很快会随气泡排出,所以只有很小一部分的氧气能被微生物利用。这就是传统曝氧系统存在的问题。这个问题带来的麻烦就是,在处理高BOD废水时,废水必须进行稀释若干倍后,再来处理方能使溶解氧浓度达到微生物活动的需要。From above figure, to reach a DO concentration of 8 mg/L , the energy consumed by the conventional aerator is increased rapidly and the DO reachs the maximum value of 9mg/L; the similar situation is for the Fine Bubble Deffusor to reach the maimum value of 12 mgl/L, becuase air has only 20% oxygen and once the air is introduced and it will simply bubbles out, giving the microorganism’s very little chance to use the oxygen that is being delivered. THis is the problem of convention aerator and it will result in that the high BOD waste water has to be diluted a couple of times to get satisfied DO concentration for the microbial acitivities.

而此高溶解氧技术可用它的专利技术向水体传送纳米级的纯的溶解氧,这样的溶解氧可以被微生物过程充分消耗掉而有极小的损失。此系统的能耗此终接近谷底,且没有DO和处理BOD极限值的限制。所以此技术的优势就不言而喻了。 The GPS PrO2 technology delivers pure dissolved oxygen into the waste stream through patent pending technology at the nano-level where the oxygen stays until consumed without off gassing with contantly low energy and without a maximum limitation of DO and treated BOD. .

• 整合压缩的设备,占地面积很小,且没有太多的安装要求Compact footprint and minimal installation requirements

• 并可根据废水的BOD 浓度给废水设计所需的氧气量,所以,它对废水的处理不受BOD上限的制约;The designed oxygen consumption dependents on the concentration of BOD and has no maximum limitation of BOD value.