5.4 EL系列配置: EL Series Packages

“灵活的配置和结构来满足您的需求” “Flexible Packages And Configurations To Meet Your Needs”



NWC 为客户的主要用途提供极度灵活的结构配置。首先我们为顾客选择一个基本尺寸的机器,然后在使用中来为他们决定更为具体的配置设计。下面是我们的客户多年来所选择的配置:

New Waste Concepts provides our customers with the ultimate flexibility in how to configure a machine for it’s primary use. We start by choosing the basic size of the machine, and then we will work with our customers to determine the best combination of features for the job at hand. Our customers have over the years choosen the following configuations.

• 用于装载在有滚动装载轨道的卡车上,使客户在不用时可容易地把机器卸载下来;

• 用于装载在装有刹车和灯具的拖车上,以便拖在汽车后面在高速公路上运输;

• 用于装载在一个有较高的离地净空的拖拉架上,以便于可把机器拖到垃圾工作面之上而不容易被突出的垃圾卡住;

• 用于固定安装在一个卡车或翻斗车上;



凯式喷洒机CAPS EL系列的结构

• 可路面运输型:配备了转向及夜间灯和路面轮胎;

• 垃圾场四轮底盘LCU: 为垃圾场专门配备,盘底有较高的离地净空和较好的耐久性;

• 客户型(滚动装载)装于有滚动装载轨道的卡车上;

• 客户型: 根据客户的要求,装载于其它机动工具上。

• On a roll off box truck frame so you can remove the tank and machine and use the truck for another purpose.

• On a trailer that has brakes and lights for moving down the highway behind a vehicle

• On a fixed hub and frame which has no brakes or lights and has a much higher ground clearance so the trailer (Landfill Carriage Unit) can be moved over the open working face and can’t get caught by junk in the landfill,

• Fixed mounted on a truck frame or dump vehicle body

New Waste Concepts is focused on making sure that the machine you order meets your needs.

CAPS EL Series Configurations

• Roadable Our mobile road ready machine with lights and road tires

• LCU (Landfill Carriage Unit) Landfill equipped for higher clearances and durability

• Custom (Roll OFF Box) Mounted on roll-off box for railcar station product application

• Custom (Other) Mounted on machine of your choice


凯式喷洒机EL系列可用的结构 CAPS EL Configuration Availability









垃圾场底盘型 LCU

客户型-滚动装载 CUSTOM Roll off Box



客户型-其它 CUSTOM Other

凯式喷洒机EL组件配置 Available CAPS EL Packages



机器底部的耐磨抗锈特殊材料包裹Instacoat Under Body

泡沫轮胎Foam Filled Tires

拖拉挂钩套件Articulating Hitch

软管绞轮Hose Reel

斯瓦特RF 系统RF SWAT System

斯瓦特TF 系统TF SWAT System












可选项 Options

• 30米的软管 100’of Hose

• 防冰冻毯子 Freeze protection blanket

• 冬化处理箱体Winterization tank

• T型拖挂支架 T-bracket hitch

• 用于路面灰尘控制的喷雾装置Dust spray bar