3.4.3 每日覆盖产品“塔普嘎”TGSB

Daily Cover Materials: TopGaurd SB

“绝对的最低的价格”“Absolute Lowest Batch Cost”


• 固体废物及有害废物的日覆盖;

• 它的覆盖率是其它竞争对手产品的两倍;

• 对那些关心低价位的客户,是理想的产品;

• 固体废物及有害废物的日覆盖;

• 与NWC 的其它产品整合用于鸟控制;

• 提供一个中等稳固垃圾的化学,生物和微生物的产品;

• 低费用的气味压制系统;

• 低费用的氡气压制系统;

• 好的垃圾场防止火灾的工具;

• 用于垃圾垂直表面的日覆盖;

• 低费用的草种生长保护载体;

• 全天侯控制轻质垃圾的飞扬;

• 有害废物工地的粉尘控制。

• Twice the coverage of its clone competitors;

• Ideal for those concerned about lowest Batch Cost;

• Daily Cover On MSW, C & D, and Hazardous Waste Landfills;

• Vector And Bird Control In Landfills When Integrated With Other NWC Products;

• Delivery Medium For Chemical, Biological And Microbial Landfill Stabilization Products;

• Low Cost Odor Suppression System;

• Low Cost Radon Gas Suppression;

• Excellent Fire Suppression Tool In Landfills;

• Balefill Landfill Daily Cover - Adheres To Vertical Surfaces;

• Inexpensive Grass Seeding Medium;

• Control Blowing Litter Throughout The Day;

• Fugitive Dust Control Media On Hazardous Site.



“塔普嘎”给NWC 的客户的日覆盖产品提供了许多的益处。此产品可以用离心泵进行喷洒。它有非常好的附着力和抵抗潮湿和雨水的能力。它把聚合物和纤维混合到一起形成单袋装产品,来提供方便使用的低价格的产品,它成为日覆盖系列的一个可选产品,为垃圾提供一个可靠的昼夜保护。

TopGuard offers NWC customers many of the benefits of ProGuard daily cover materials, with a product that can be moved through a centrifugal pump. TopGuard provides very good adhesion properties as well as resistance to rain & moisture. TopGuard alternative daily cover is a blend of polymers and recycled fibers for reliable overnight protection, in a single bag system. TopGuard’s unique formula of engineered polymers and recycled fibers are combined into one dry component and is designed to offer the lowest overall batch cost.




• 附着在垃圾上突起的塑料制品和其它很难附着的物体上;

• 可附着在垂直的表面和垃圾场的废物上;

• 可创造一个压制层来减少由湿气蒸发所带出的垃圾气体;

• 安全性-因喷出的颗粒较大,不会被人吸入;

• 不容易被雨水冲走因为有聚合物的成份;

• 给垃圾表面创造一个较好的外观。



• 节省劳力,因为产品不要每天重新混合;

• 避免了浪费,我们竞争对手的产品每天必须用完,否则会变硬凝结住齿轮泵;

• 用户可在任何需要使用的时候混合产品;

• 混合好的产品留在喷洒车内,可使产品完全水解起泡,达到最好的喷洒效果;

• 如有大风或轻质垃圾被吹起时,不用关闭垃圾场,随时喷洒少量产品就可控制轻质垃圾。



• 由于数种高质的聚合物使该产品能较好附着在塑料质地的物体表面,小到中雨也不碍事。



• 用于鸟类控制: 如NWC的Rejex鸟控制剂可被加入混合使用;

• 用于气味控制: 如气味中士,气味中尉,气味下士或气味少校,可被加入混合使用。


混合提高 “空气气泡”含量

• “空气气泡”可增加产品混合后的体积,加上产品的极好的粘度,使它能提高覆盖面积和覆盖效果,并保证一定的厚度。此产品比我们竞争对手的产品有更大的单位产品能覆盖的面积。


Thick viscous material that will not fall off your hand when inverted

• Adheres to plastic and other difficult to bond substrates;

• Will adhere to vertical surfaces and waste in the landfill;

• Creates thick vapor suppressing layer to minimize escape of odor carried by moisture evaporation;

• Safe - Sprayed particle size of droplet too large to inhale;

• Does not wash off easily due to quality of polymers used;

• Visually provides an excellent looking cover material.


Can be left in the mixing tank for over five days

• Reduces labor since tank does not need daily reloading;

• Eliminates waste -competitive products require use of entire tank before hardening which could jam gear pumps;

• Allows mixing a load whenever your application team has time;

• Crews leave on time creating better morale, with less mixing and application at the end of the day;

• No need to shut landfill due to high winds and blowing paper. Product can be sprayed on demand; blowing litter can be controlled with a light application.


Excellent durability in light to moderate rain

• Polymer types are of high quality so that ProGuard SB adheres to plastic even in light to moderate rain.


Engineered to integrate well with other NWC products-odor / bird /seed growth

• FOR BIRD CONTROL: NWC Bird Commander – Rejex-it can be added to cover materials;

• FOR ODOR CONTROL: NWC’s Odor Sergeant, Odor Lieutenant, Odor Corporal or Odor Major can be added.


Mixing enhances ‘Air Entrapment’

• Air entrainment (trapping of air bubbles) increases thickness the way whipping cream adds viscosity and thickness. This also enhances the ability to cover a greater void.