2.3 NWC无土覆盖材料的优势 Advantage of NWC Cover Materials

产品悠久的历史 Long history of products

大部分的产品系列经过了12-22年的应用检验和改进,成为一个别的产品无法与之伦比的产品的成熟性和可靠性 Most of products have been subject to 12-22 year improvement and examination and become a very mature and reliable products:

• “康卡”ConCover SW 创建于 1989; ConCover SW created in 1989

• “康卡”ConCover 180 创建于 1991; ConCover 180 created in 1991

• “佩雷嘎”Proguard II 创建于 1997; ConCover – Proguard II created in 1997

• “佩雷嘎”Proguard SB 创建于 1999; ConCover – Proguard SB created in 1999


节省费用 Cost saving:

• 节省垃圾场填埋空间: 比土壤覆盖节省10%-20%的空间,且自身也可降解; Save landfill space: 10-20% than soil and biodegradable itself;

• 节省垃圾场填埋空间: 促进废物较快的降解,使垃圾的比重从 0.8吨/立方米增加到1.2吨/立方米, 因为无土覆盖会使垃圾形成一个均匀的整体,有利于上部少量水份的渗入,提供给微生物活动所需的水份,加快垃圾的生物分解。并有利于气体和渗漏液的收集。Save landfill space: Faster degredation of waste – they are almost degrading waste faster than it is put in place by increasing density of waste –from .8 metric ton/m3 to 1.2 metric tonnes/m3 becuase it can achieves waste stabilization (a term that means the waste is fully degraded) faster than having waste with layers of dirt in between. A more homogeneous mass of waste degrades faster because water or leachate and gas is more evenly distributed throughout the mass of waste. Helps collection of gas and leachate as it flows more easily through the mass of waste without barriers that create what we call parched leachate

• 节省单位面积的覆盖材料成本: 与同类无土覆盖材料比较,因为NWC 的产品与水混合后形成象奶油状,允满了封密的小气泡沫,使产品膨胀数倍; Save coverage cost per square feet: our products can typically get more coverage out of a batch or tank of material than our competitors largely due to the fact that we entrain air in our products.  Best analogy is you can cover a greater area with whipped cream (our product after blending at high speed with air entrainment) than you can with liquid cream which is how I would classify our competitors product;

• 节省覆盖施工的人工成本: 多功能和简易操作的机器减少操作时间和难度,达到较好的满意度,因为可以让工人很快地收工;Save labor cost in operation: Better morale – higher worker satisfaction – quicker to close at the end of the evening due to the multi function equipment and easy to be operated;

• 节省每天清洗的人工成本: 使用凯式CAPS喷洒机,几乎所有的产品(除CC180外)可以混合好呆在机器里过夜,甚至几天的时间;但现在的CC180NS也能达到在机器里过夜的效果;Save labor cost in blending and cleaning: Nearly all of our products, with the exception of our molding plastic based ConCover 180 standard, can stay in our CAPS machine for several days or weeks without hardening and are ready to be sprayed when needed. ConCover 180 with HydraGuard which is being used on the Sydney Tarponds project in Nova Scotia does have a set time.  However, we have formulated a ConCover 180 NS, which is a not setting version of this same product and can stay in the tank for several weeks;

• 节省土壤覆盖施工的设备成本:重型机器的损耗,维修和燃油;Save operating costs in using soil cover: reduction in hours on heavy (expensive) equipment, lower maintenance, and lower fuel;

• 节省土壤运输成本; Save transportation cost for shipping soil;

• 节省用地膜覆盖的成本: 成为地膜覆盖的替代品; Provide a less expensive alternative to plastic scrim or welded seam geotextile;

• 节省渗漏液收集管的清理费用和渗漏液的处理费用: 因为雨水的分流;Save the cost to clean leachate collection pipes due to less rain coming in;

• 节省产品喷洒的用水: 可用渗漏液来混合产品;这样还可保持垃圾中有益的垃圾降解的菌种群落;Save water and enhances Bioreaction when used with Leachate;

• 节省违反政府法令和民怨的罚款: 它可使你符合国家的环保法规。Save fine by meeting ADCM requirements of regulators.


极好的防水性Excellent in water proof

• 帮助垃圾场防止雨水渗入垃圾场,从而减少渗漏液的数量; Prevent slope from erosion;

• 保护坡体不被雨水冲蚀;Reduce the volume of leachate by preventing rain from getting into garbage;

• 消除雨天泥土覆盖造成的水土流失;Prevent soil from runoff in rain;

• 轻度的热量反应使它容易变干硬化,这也就使它可以在大雨天使用;并也可使它能用来覆盖含水量较高(40-50%)的底泥来实施气味控制,如长期覆盖产品“康卡”CC180可以在浸泡的水里变成一个整体直到水份蒸干。Slight exothermic reaction driving off moisture to allows product to be applied during heavy rain. This is also why products can be used to cover high moisture materials such as sludge ponds where solids are 50 to 60% to suppress odors from;

• 在大雨天和干燥天气,保护种子不被冲走或干死;Protects seeds from drought and heavy rain while supporting seed growth.


极好的持久性Excellent durability

• 使应用可持续长达24个月,使它成为极好的垃圾场长期覆盖产品;Lasts up to 24 months make it good for long term cover;

• 使应用可抵拦飓风,包括三天的雨水浸泡;Has survived hurricanes; including a 3-day underwater submersion;

• 使应用能对垃圾的外向斜坡有极好的护坡作用;Excellent erosion protection on outside slopes of landfill.


极好的附着性: 它可附着在垂直的所有物质如塑料制品等较光滑的物体表面;Excellent in adheres to vertical surfaces and all kinds of substrates

• 使它成为一个极度好的长期覆盖产品; Excellent long term cover for bail fill landfills;

• 使它成为一个极度好技术来控制气味,当挖掘老的垃圾时;Best technology to control odors when excavating old waste;

• 使它成为一个极度好技术来控制灰尘;Excellent in controlling fugitive dust from contaminated sediment.


配套多样化的产品,来适应不同的需求 Versatile products designed for different demands

• 按产品持续时间要求有: 日覆盖,中期覆盖,和长期覆盖; Durability: Daily cover, medium cover, and long term cover materials;

• 按抗水性的要求有: 晴天,中雨天,雨季,大雨的产品组合; Product combination formula for water resistance in heavy rain, rain season, and slight rain;

• 按产品包装要求有: 单袋型,AB组合型;Package types: Single bag and AB bags;

• 按客户的要求有: 标准型,低耗型,客户型,极度条件型; Customer requirement: Standard products, low cost products, customized products, extreme condition products.


配套多功能的设备,来增加机器的灵活性 Versatile equipment designed for High Flexibility

• 按覆盖工作面要求有: TM380,TM550,CPAS900,CAPS1200,CAPS1700,CAPS3300;Volume of tank: TM380,TM550,CPAS900,CAPS1200,CAPS1700,CAPS3300;

• 按箱体质地和造价有: FINN,TM,CAPS三种;Manufacturers: FINN,TM,CAPS;

• 按功能组合有: 单喷洒型和喷洒喷雾结合型;Function combination: Single spray and spray with misting;

• 按装载形式有: 车载型,拖拉型,轨道滚动装载型;Load methods: Roadable, LCU (Landfill Carriage Unit),Roll OFF Box;

• 按应用途径有: 日覆盖,灰尘控制,斜坡防护;种子保护等;Application: Dust control, erosion control, seeding, and applying alternate daily cover material.


倍受重视的客户服务项目Customer service is high focus

• 具有竞争力的价格; Priced as competitively as any existing product;

• 免费的咨询服务; No charge consultation;

• 多配置设备,允许全球客户使用;Spectrum allows for broad use;

• 无需长期合同;No long term contracts;

• 为客户提供培训,解决他们的困难和问题;Provide training program to solve their difficulty and problems;

• 为客户提供配件,及时解决客户的机器故障;Provide parts for customers and solve the problems of the machines;

• 定期上门服务,了解客户的需要。Service on site regularly to understand customers’demand.