2.3 EHC 产品系列 EHC Series


“EHC”适用于注入式“深层”含水土壤,地下水和底泥的污染修复。“EHC” is suitable to be used for injectable deep saturation soil, groundwater and sediment remediation.


“就地”化学还原产品In Situ chemical reduction technologies:

• EHC: 可注入式控制释放炭和零价铁技术(ZVI) injectable controlled release carbon plus ZVI

• EHC-A: 可注入式氯化混合物的治理技术 injectable aqueous treatment of chlorinated compounds

• EHC-M: 可注入式重金属的稳固技术 injectable immobilization of heavy metals

• EHC-O: 可注入式控制释放氧气及微生物营养 injectable controlled releases oxygen compound with nutrients