HF35D雾炮和除臭产品在上海老港垃圾场实施应用 HF35D-Laogang Langfill


In 2010, NWC's six hurricane HF35 has successfully used in Shanghai Laogang Landfill. We get number one in the evaluation of six similar products demonstrated in this field.

斯瓦特HF35雾炮演示 Demonstration of Hurricane HF35

斯瓦特HF35雾炮, 以电为能源,适合于中心供水供药的外围气味控制雾头群,用中心控制系统进行远程控制。也可单独或两三个一组使用 。Hurricane HF35 is supplied by city power. They are suitable for central water supply system and controlled remotely by certral electric control system to constructure the perimeter odor control system. Of course, it could be used singly or two or three to be one group.

斯瓦特HF35-D 雾炮演示 Demonstration of Hurricane HF35-D

斯瓦特HF35D雾炮, 是以柴油发电机组为供电电源,适合于野外无市电供应的地区的气味控制问题。Hurricane HF35D is supplied by desiel engine. They are suitable for odor control at locations where there is no city power.