5.1 斯瓦特 SWAT RF 500

斯瓦特 SWAT RF 500

斯瓦特RF500能运行数小时来在空中产生足够的雾体,并漂移0.8-1.2公里来控制来自机器所处位置的气味。斯瓦特RF500有能力用喷洒枪来使用NWC的任何一种气味控制产品进行表面喷洒。美国NWC建议主动控制气味,不要等气味进入居民区再决定要控制气味。最好在气味扩散出垃圾场或气味源前把它们制止住。“Designed To Take On Odors For Hour’s At A Time” The SWAT RF 500 machine can operate for hours creating a mist that floats 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to impact odors that are coming from an area where the SWAT RF machine is located. NWC’s SWAT machine also has the capability to apply any of the NWC Odor Battalion products topically using the spray cannon. NEW WASTE CONCEPTS believes that fighting odors should be done on a proactive basis. Don’t wait until the battle invades your neighbor’s property. NWC recommends being aggressive and going after the odors at their source before they can escape the landfill perimeter.



使用一对放射型扇叶把由液压驱动的旋转雾头所产生的雾体推将出去。斯瓦特RF技术与斯瓦特TF相比,有较低的造价,但流量也稍低。RF 技术更适合于堆肥场和比较集中的的气味源。 Uses radial fan blades to push mist created by a hydraulically driven rotary misting head or basket. The RF technology is slightly less expensive and operates with lower fluid flow rates then the TF Tangential Fan SWAT system. The RF technology is more appropriate for composting operations or specific odor hot spots.


• 500加仑的水箱(标准两个扇体);500 GALLON TANK (Standard Two Fan Unit);

• 10加仑的化学药箱; Single 10 gallon product dispensing tank;

• 配比泵;Dosatron chemical metering pump;

• 磁流汁; Magnetic flow meter;

• 33匹马力的Kubota柴油机; 33 hp engine – Kubota;

• 手动翅膀移动操作; Manual wing movement operation;

• 低化学药位感应器;Low chemical sensor for chemical tank;

• 单轴拖车挂钩及悬浮轮胎;Single axle trailer with flotation tires;

• 水箱的低水位感应器和显示器。 Low water sensor and indicator for water tank。


• 两个化学药箱; Twin chemical tanks;

• 表面喷洒的离心泵,手动软管绞盘和100英尺的软管;Topical spray centrifugal pump, hose reel and 100 ft. hose (manual hose reel);

• 表面喷洒的离心泵,电动软管绞盘和100英尺的软管;Topical spray centrifugal pump, electric hose reel and 100 ft. hose;

• 喷洒平台;Spray cannon platform ;

• 去掉化学药箱和度量系统。 Elimination of chemical metering tanks.