3.3 气味控制技术及原理 Odor control technologies and principles

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生物气味控制技术: 细菌和活性生物酶 Biological odor control technologies: bacteria & enzymes ?


什么是细菌? What are Bacteria?

细菌是微小的肉眼不见的生命组织,它们存在于自然的每一个角落,促进营养物的循环。它的数量的倍增非常快,它们创造了世界上大部分的生物物质。如果温度,湿度,食物合适的情况,它们的单个细胞一般在20分钟完成一次分裂,形成两个细胞,这样在8个小时内,这一个单个细胞就变成了近一千七百万个新细胞,可见之数量增长之快。Bacteria are microscopic organisms vital in recycling the nutrients found everywhere in nature. Multiplying with remarkable speed, they make up much of the world’s biomass. If food, moisture and temperature conditions are right, these single-celled organisms reproduce at a prodigious rate - often as every twenty minutes. In eight hours time, a single bacterium can give rise to nearly 17 million new bacteria.

细菌能产生不同种类的酶来帮助分解它们的食物源成为较小的化学物质,便于它们同化吸收。产气细菌在分解化学物质时会产生各种令人讨厌的气味付产品。与此相反,也有很多的有益细菌恰好以这些产生气味的化学物质为食,我们就是以这些细菌来控制气味的。同时,它们也通过菌落优势达到食物竞争优势来抑制产气菌的生长,如硫化氢还原菌(SRB), 从根本上消除气味隐患, 并延长产品的使用效果,因为只要有食物源,细菌就会持续地增长,气味控制效果就能持续地进行。Bacteria produce various types of enzymes to help break down their food source into smaller chemicals, which can be readily assimilated by the organism. But many of these chemicals - as well as certain bacteria byproducts - can produce the variety of offensive odors found in waste industries. Conversely, there are a variety of selective bacteria that feed on these odor-causing chemicals, allowing these bacteria types to control such odors! Meanwhile, these bacteria also can supress odor producing bacteria such as SRB by out competing food sources to eliminate the odor sources and last the effectiveness of products longer because,as long as a food source is available, the bacteria will continue to multiply, increasing their overall effectiveness and ensuring a long-term solution to the odor problem.


什么是活性生物酶? What are Enzymes?

活性生物酶是一种特别的植物,动物和其它生命产生的蛋白质。它的功能是一种 “物质摧化剂”来加速在一个细胞中的化学反应的速度,包括分解同化食物化学物的重要的消化功能。当酶加速化学反应时,它们自已在反应过程中保持不变。不同的酶有加速降解不同的化学物质的功能。一个例子是,它帮助纤维物质转化为单个的糖。正因为活性生物酶在摧化化学反应时不改变它们自已的特点,所以它们可被重复地利用。Enzymes are specialized proteins produced by plants, animals and virtually all other known forms of life. Enzymes function as “biocatalysts” accelerating the rate of vital chemical reactions within a cell, including digestive functions essential for the breakdown and assimilation of food chemicals. While enzymes speed up chemical reactions, they themselves remain unchanged in the process. Different enzymes break down different compounds, one example being those specializing in converting cellulose into simple sugars. Since enzymes act as catalysts and are not altered or consumed during these chemical reactions, they are available to be reused over and over.


为什么把细菌和“活性生物酶”相结合? Why combine Bacteria & Enzymes?

不同的美国新概念气味控制产品利用了专利的选择性的“活性生物酶”和特殊的也能产生它们自已的酶的“细菌”相混合。这种混全的目的是为了使产品能达到消除气味的短期快速和长期持久的效果。A variety of NWC’s odor control products utilize a proprietary blend of select biological enzymes, as well as specialized bacteria that produce their own enzymes. This combination allows for both an immediate and longer-term solution to your difficult odor control problems.

因为首先产品中现有的“活性生物酶”能立即给产品中的细菌提供加速降解产生气味的化学物质的化学反应所需要的酶,其次,现有的“活性生物酶”能加速大的有机化学物质的分解过程,来使这些化学物质变成产品中细菌所能同化的食物源,这样能提早快速消除气味源。再次,当生物气味控制产品与植物型气味控制产品结合使用时,产品中“活性生物酶”能允当摧化剂,来摧化和加速 植物提取液与气味分子间的化学中和反应速度,使气味分子转化为无味的化学物质。The enzymes can be immediately used to bateria for the chemical process of degradating odor producing chemicals; The enzymes can also accelarate the chemical process of breaking down complex offending compounds into available food sources for the bacteria which, in turn, continue converting such chemicals into non-odorous byproducts. In addition, when mixing biological products and plant products, enzymes will be used as catalyzer to make the neutralization chemical reaction between plant extracts and odor compounds much quicker and easier.


生物增强剂: 细菌和酶用户化产品 Bio-augmentation: Bacteria & Enzyme Customization

美国新概念的细菌和酶气味控制产品利用了广泛的选择适应性细菌,特别是针对设计有效地抵抗一系列的产生气味的物质。每种产品都结合了多种细菌,酶和中和性的植物提取化学物质,共同作用来解决特殊的气味问题。美国新概念的产品可以根据任何气味环境的需要而 “量体定制”,包括垃圾填埋场,垃圾转运站,市政和工业废水处理,泥塘,污染的底泥,修复项目,造纸厂,和许多别的场所。如您有气味问题,请与我们任何一个专家联系,看怎样来为您解决您的气味问题。NWC’s battalion of bacteria and enzyme products utilize a wide variety of selectively adapted bacteria, specifically engineered to be effective against an array of odor-causing materials. Each product combines multiple strains of bacteria, select enzymes and neutralizing chemicals into a single synergistic blend, designed to address a specific type of odor control problem. NWC’s products can be tailored fit to address the need of any odor-plagued environment, including landfills, transfer stations, municipal and industrial waste water treatment, sludge ponds, contaminated sediments, remediation projects, pulp and paper mills, and many, many more. If you have an odor issue, contact one of our experts today to see how we can solve your problem!

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